2 Broke Gals Soup Company

"Souper Easy - Souper Good"

Our Story

2 Broke Gals Soup Company is a proud Saskatchewan company offering premium dry soup mixes made with ORGANIC grains grown right here in Saskatchewan. 

A mother-daughter team, we started out in 2013 with the purchase of Eva's Lentil & Barley Soup business.  In keeping with Eva's concept, we created 5 other recipes bringing our line to 6 delicious, wholesome soup mixes, 2 of which are also available in Gluten Free.  Our most recent additions are 3 easy quick bread mixes to pair with your favorite 2BG soup.  Each of our products are proudly named after our family members.  Today we continue to make each and every package of soup and bread mix by hand, in our government approved facility.  We are very proud of the business we've built together and it warms our hearts to offer a premium dinner option for families looking for a 'souper easy-souper good' meal.